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Shelley’s Invisible Impact

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This story is not about me despite how it might begin. It’s about Shelley (pictured here with me in Hollywood from a few months ago) 🙂

I was recently out walking Sprocket “the semi-retired” Rocket and we came across a stray Poodle. Said poodle was well groomed and you could tell he had caring owners. I didn’t have my phone and couldn’t convince him (thinking it was a him based on his lifting of his leg for pee-time) to follow me home, and he was a bigger guy so would have been difficult carrying him and walking Sprocket.

Instead, I waited around hoping someone would realize he was missing, would live nearby and come find him. That is exactly what happened and the distraction (mostly by Sprocket) kept him from running off (I believe).

But again, this is not about me and just a good way to explain why I wanted to share this.

A few weeks earlier, I was speaking in Western Canada and got a call from Shelley and she sent me a photo of a doggy (much larger than a poodle) that she brought home because he was also out walking around on his own and obviously well cared for.

Here is a photo of Jack, the doggy in question:

In this case, she convinced him to walk home with her and into our house and fed him, gave him some love and water and called the police and provided his tag info.

They were able to track down the owner who was ever grateful.

Shelley never shared this with another person and yet she might have saved the lost puppies’ life, and much sorrow by the owner.

The point is this: We can truly make an invisible impact by simply striving to be kind (or pay it forward) daily (or as often as we can).

We can also create an invisible impact (and positive ripple) by reaching out to someone and telling them just how important or special they are, or by reaching out to a client and delivering value to them when they least expect it and with no strings attached, or even by reacting positively to a situation when most would react negatively.

My hope is that you know that you are making an impact each day and by simply taking a few extra pay it forward steps (and consciousness positive actions), you can amplify that impact and transform many lives (your family, friends, clients, co-workers, employees) along the way. If you haven’t started already, the best time to do so is NOW!

Here’s to YOUR next Invisible Impact, and until next time, I hope you find a way today to LIVE WITH PASSION!

Sincerely yours,

Corey Poirier
International Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, Radio Show Co-Host

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