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What I Learned From Mark Victor Hansen








I recently got to spend some time with Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Creator, Mark Victor Hansen.

During our time, I asked Mark one habit a person can act on to take their career to the next level.

Mark’s response, “I would ask everyone to read self-help action books, and biographies and autobiographies of people who overcame the odds.”

I didn’t read my first book until I was 27 years of age, and since that time I have learned that each minute I have invested (in time) into feeding my mind has been returned itself many, many times over.

The question though is, how does one decide what to read, watch or listen to first?

I asked that same question to bestselling author Susan Manion MacDonald years back, after she was able to expand her mind enough in two months to put her cancer into complete remission (with just those two months left to live).

Her reply was essentially, “What I did was asked the people who I knew were reading, (watching or listening) the right things, what I should feed my mind first. When the same answer came back multiple times, that’s what I read (watched or listened to) first.”

Having this answer, I’d love to ask – what will you read, watch or listen to next? Perhaps it’s time to see which books, TED Talks or Shows have impacted the most lives, and dive in.

Until then, here’s to your success, Corey

ps. you can check out the full Mark Victor Hansen interview on our iTunes show page at!-corey/id948005962

What I Learned From Bif Naked…

Today’s a Great Day to Make it a Great Day!







Last month I had the opportunity to sit with Music Icon (and now Harper Collins Author) Bif Naked.
During our conversation Bif shared the following…
“You can totally reinvent yourself in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.”
When I was younger I was under the impression that you had to achieve your dreams by a certain age. I fully believed it. Thankfully, many people proved otherwise.
First, I heard the story that Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) at age 65.
I then listened as George Foreman shared the story of winning the world championship at aged 45 years and in the process became the oldest fighter ever to win the World Championship in boxing.

Next, on our show, Jack Canfield shared his experience of co-creating the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series (now over 500 million copies in print) in his late 40’s.

More recently, we had the late Wayne Dyer’s daughter Skye Dyer on our radio show and we discussed Louise Hay launching the popular Hay House company in her 60’s, that has impacted so many people in such a profound way, and even the legacy her father Wayne was still creating well into his 70’s (and is still creating to this day).

And so, I have been a believer that you can begin at any age (to create your legacy) and/or reinvent yourself, BUT Bif Naked, just last month, reminded me of this and therefore helped me re-learn it yet again. So thank you Bif for demonstrating that regardless of our age, we get to decide what’s on the next page

So, I guess the questions become: Do you need to reinvent yourself as we make our way toward a New Year? Are you ready to do so? Do you have a plan in place for reinvention? Do you believe you can do it? If a reinvention is not what you ned, how prepared are you to have a banner year personally and/or professionally?

If planning for 2017 is your game (whether reinvention or simply kicking off the year in a big way) and you want ideas to get the juices flowing (or to learn short-cups from the best of the best), feel free to check out our show (or subscribe) at the iTunes page below and learn exclusive insight / wisdom from some of the greatest thought leaders in the world with a quick click and a listen (perhaps you can turn your car into a mobile library, as Brian Tracy suggested, and listen to an episode each day on your way to or from work):

ps. you can hear Bif’s full interview at that same show link (currently listed as the top interview).


Your Story Matters…

Your story matters, and it deserves to be told. I’m so excited to launch our program between August 6th and 23rd to help you tell your story, make an impact, and earn an income doing so. It’s Coming…

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Want To Be Happier? Do This Thing Everyday…

Corey and Tom Ziglar









The photo above is of me and Tom Ziglar. Tom’s father Zig is pictured right above us on the screen.

Zig Ziglar was the first introduction I had to the world of Motivational Speakers, long before I ever decided to enter the field myself.

How it happened is I found myself working for a Fortune 500 Company and our only sales training was a Zig Ziglar VHS Tape. At the time, I was dumbfounded that a global company wouldn’t have a formalized training program, and I’m sure it failed many at the time, but that Zig Ziglar VHS probably played a bigger part in launching my speaking career (and that video has probably impacted millions of others as well) than any other speaking industry introduction in the years since.

Which brings us to the title of: Want to be happier? Do this everyday.

It has been proven that the most effective way to have happier employees is found in providing them with learning opportunities. If you want to be happier personally each day, this also means you should open yourself up to learning (and growth) opportunities each day.

This could mean listening to an inspirational audio CD, reading a self-help book, watching a TED Talk, or attending a motivational speaker’s event each day (even if you just watch that 18 minute TED Talk, that alone could take things to whole new level).

If you take this one action each day, it has been proven that you’ll be happier than if you don’t invest (time or money or both) in your own personal growth.

Oh, and can just one CD, book, TED Talk or Motivational Speaker really impact your life to that degree?

Well, that Zig Ziglar tape that I watched (just once) still stands the test of time as a game-changer for me and that took place over 20 years ago.

…and Consider this, my girlfriend and I were out walking Sprocket “the semi-retired” Rocket on Father’s Day and we ran into Jim, a man in his 70’s who recently lost his wife. He shared with us that one speaker in the 1960’s that he saw while working at General Motors still impacts him today; even as someone who wasn’t and hasn’t been that big on motivational speaker’s in the first place.

So, if just one moment like this can impact you (and make you happier) to that degree, just imagine what the compound effect of diving in daily can do for your happiness level. Perhaps it’s time to dive in?

…oh, and if you want to become that motivational speaker (like Zig Ziglar) that can have that level of impact on another person’s life, you can sign-up at and learn just how you can take the stage and have an impact while making a living doing something that can possibly change the world, or at least one person’s world.

Until next time, here’s to your greater success,



Super Gluper Duper…

Super Duper Glooper Guy








I had to catch a cab at 4am after a couple of speaking engagements the previous day.

The gentleman in the photo here greeted me outside my hotel.

I had arranged the cab the night before and he was already waiting at 4am. When I asked how he was he responded, Super Gluper Duper.

I was taken back by his positive energy that early in the morning.

He followed with, “do you know what the Gluper is my friend?” I said that I didn’t. He said it is the Glue that keeps the Super and the Duper together.

The point = You get to decide how you will show up each day.

The question = How are you going to show up today?


Shelley’s Invisible Impact

Shelley - Hollywood - Corey







This story is not about me despite how it might begin. It’s about Shelley (pictured here with me in Hollywood from a few months ago) 🙂

I was recently out walking Sprocket “the semi-retired” Rocket and we came across a stray Poodle. Said poodle was well groomed and you could tell he had caring owners. I didn’t have my phone and couldn’t convince him (thinking it was a him based on his lifting of his leg for pee-time) to follow me home, and he was a bigger guy so would have been difficult carrying him and walking Sprocket.

Instead, I waited around hoping someone would realize he was missing, would live nearby and come find him. That is exactly what happened and the distraction (mostly by Sprocket) kept him from running off (I believe).

But again, this is not about me and just a good way to explain why I wanted to share this.

A few weeks earlier, I was speaking in Western Canada and got a call from Shelley and she sent me a photo of a doggy (much larger than a poodle) that she brought home because he was also out walking around on his own and obviously well cared for.

Here is a photo of Jack, the doggy in question:

In this case, she convinced him to walk home with her and into our house and fed him, gave him some love and water and called the police and provided his tag info.

They were able to track down the owner who was ever grateful.

Shelley never shared this with another person and yet she might have saved the lost puppies’ life, and much sorrow by the owner.

The point is this: We can truly make an invisible impact by simply striving to be kind (or pay it forward) daily (or as often as we can).

We can also create an invisible impact (and positive ripple) by reaching out to someone and telling them just how important or special they are, or by reaching out to a client and delivering value to them when they least expect it and with no strings attached, or even by reacting positively to a situation when most would react negatively.

My hope is that you know that you are making an impact each day and by simply taking a few extra pay it forward steps (and consciousness positive actions), you can amplify that impact and transform many lives (your family, friends, clients, co-workers, employees) along the way. If you haven’t started already, the best time to do so is NOW!

Here’s to YOUR next Invisible Impact, and until next time, I hope you find a way today to LIVE WITH PASSION!

Sincerely yours,

Corey Poirier
International Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, Radio Show Co-Host

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