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Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

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…Why should you have a mission statement? Almost every successful company (ones you have worked for perhaps) has a clearly defined mission statement, and I would argue it’s even more important for each of us to have a personal mission statement.

This holds true even more so for those of us who are self-employed.

Let’s begin!

This exercise is really simple, albeit profound and very powerful.

All you need to do is fill out the following statement:

My name is ______________, my passion is ______________ and, therefore, my

purpose is ________________.

To make it easier, I’ll give you an example.

My name is Corey Poirier; my passion is speaking to audiences about passion, purpose, legacy and customer service; and my purpose is to inspire, motivate, donate, entertain and educate.

Once I figured this out, my personal (written) mission statement became, “…to be the guy who inspires, motivates, donates, entertains and educates.”… 

If you can figure out and fill out this passion + personal mission statement accurately, you’ll spend more time working toward and on your purpose, and the profits, productivity, fulfillment and other benefits will soon follow.


A Salute To Single Mothers!








I just finished writing a Chapter for an upcoming book on being raised by a single Mother. I wrote the article below a while back talking about the many life lessons I learned from my Mother, Nancy M Doucette, and was then asked to have a similar piece appear in O’ Magazine.

I feel this resonates because so many of us have been impacted in such a big way by the single mothers in our lives.

And so, Single Mothers, I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me and I hope you know that even when it doesn’t feel like you are making enough of a difference, YOU SURE ARE!

Single Mother






















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Do you struggling with uncovering / discovering your passion? Want to know what a Purpose Statement is? Want to learn directly from 150 Thought Leaders?

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After interviewing over 3400 Enlightened Super-Achievers, one of the most common questions I get is, “What do Super-Achievers do differently?”

There is a more detailed answer and many things they do differently and I’m currently working on a guest post for a popular blog to address the top 7 things (I will let you know once it is up).

But for the sake of this post, I’ll share a big one – they understand the power of NO!

Enlightened Super-Achievers understand that you will have to (especially once you get busier and busier) begin saying NO to the things you can’t take on, or the many things that don’t align with your purpose, so that you can say YES to the few things that do.

We revealed a system for doing so in the new free Enlightened Book you can grab at (passcode is bestyouever) but if don’t have time to grab your copy during the launch, at least knowing the importance of the power of saying NO to the wrong things so that you can say YES to the right things, and that it’s a major difference maker for Enlightened Super-Achievers, should be a good starting point for making sure you are doing likewise when possible.

Cheerios’ for now, Corey


Feeding Your Mind…






I get asked often about the common traits of Enlightened Super-Achievers.

One of the key traits of the highest of achievers is that they continue to feed their mind while dedicating themselves to live-long learning.

The photo above is of Wayne Dyer’s Daughter Skye singing at Wayne’s Hay House Tribute late last year. Wayne Dyer was considered The Father of Motivation because he continued to feed his mind despite teaching millions of people each year. This was echoed has his tribute, and had a major impact on me personally as I sat there and listened to the story of Wayne’s thirst for knowledge and growth.

To me, the fact that he felt he needed to continue learning despite all he had learned (and shared with others) sends a powerful message about the importance of life-long learning.

Top achievers have truly subscribed to the idea that once you decide to stop learning, you are no longer growing and therefore no longer fully living.

What I’ve also noticed is that these same super-achievers have a learning plan in place (sometimes informal, sometimes formal) – a plan designed to ensure they are feeding their mind in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

For some, this plan can include reading books, listening to podcasts or attending seminars, and for others it can be reading blogs, watching TED Talks, or listening to audio programs.

The question is: Do you have a learning plan in place to ensure you are feeding your mind regularly?

While you consider that, feel free to join our tribe at now and use the passcode bestyouever to make sure you get your free copy of the brand new ENLIGHTENED book on its release on Monday, February 8th, 2016. Who knows, perhaps this book could become part of your new learning plan.