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What I Learned From Heather Moyse



What I learned from two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Moyse during one of our interviews?

One of the key things that Heather said that stuck with me is if you show and give it your absolute all, you won’t have regrets later.

You won’t wonder, if I had just showed up for that practice or stayed that extra hour, would the results have been different.

How will you use this insight today?

For me, I’m going to go all-in each minute today and leaving nothing on the table (that includes being fully present when I meditate later, and being fully present with loved-ones – not just business).

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What I learned from John David Mann










During my interview with Go-Giving Leader and Bob Burg’s Go-Giving Co-Author, John David Mann, he shared this great answer when I asked how he defined success.

“Everyday getting up and being in love with what the day holds – to me, that’s success.” John David Mann

John’s answer was such a great reminder about the importance of re-evaluating regularly that one is doing what they were called to do, and what they truly love.

The key question at this point is, are you doing what you were called to do, and what you truly love, and are you saying no regularly to the things that would otherwise interfere with you doing what you were called to do more often?

Until next time, here’s to your greater success,


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What I Learned From Bif Naked…

Today’s a Great Day to Make it a Great Day!







Last month I had the opportunity to sit with Music Icon (and now Harper Collins Author) Bif Naked.
During our conversation Bif shared the following…
“You can totally reinvent yourself in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.”
When I was younger I was under the impression that you had to achieve your dreams by a certain age. I fully believed it. Thankfully, many people proved otherwise.
First, I heard the story that Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) at age 65.
I then listened as George Foreman shared the story of winning the world championship at aged 45 years and in the process became the oldest fighter ever to win the World Championship in boxing.

Next, on our show, Jack Canfield shared his experience of co-creating the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series (now over 500 million copies in print) in his late 40’s.

More recently, we had the late Wayne Dyer’s daughter Skye Dyer on our radio show and we discussed Louise Hay launching the popular Hay House company in her 60’s, that has impacted so many people in such a profound way, and even the legacy her father Wayne was still creating well into his 70’s (and is still creating to this day).

And so, I have been a believer that you can begin at any age (to create your legacy) and/or reinvent yourself, BUT Bif Naked, just last month, reminded me of this and therefore helped me re-learn it yet again. So thank you Bif for demonstrating that regardless of our age, we get to decide what’s on the next page

So, I guess the questions become: Do you need to reinvent yourself as we make our way toward a New Year? Are you ready to do so? Do you have a plan in place for reinvention? Do you believe you can do it? If a reinvention is not what you ned, how prepared are you to have a banner year personally and/or professionally?

If planning for 2017 is your game (whether reinvention or simply kicking off the year in a big way) and you want ideas to get the juices flowing (or to learn short-cups from the best of the best), feel free to check out our show (or subscribe) at the iTunes page below and learn exclusive insight / wisdom from some of the greatest thought leaders in the world with a quick click and a listen (perhaps you can turn your car into a mobile library, as Brian Tracy suggested, and listen to an episode each day on your way to or from work):

ps. you can hear Bif’s full interview at that same show link (currently listed as the top interview).


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