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What I learned from my Cat…

Tantra and Spookey








My cats are both 6(ish) and I have learned a great deal by their example.

One of the most important things I have learned from them is that is that it is okay (even when you’re somewhat grown up, at least according to age) to play every now and then.

Even if they may not be playing in this photo (which sees them more relaxed), every single day, it seems, they make time for play; whether play fighting with one another, playing with a toy or running around like crazy with no apparent purpose.

What can we do with this knowledge?

Make more time for play in our lives. Laugh more. Smile more. Dance more. Do a cartwheel perhaps. If you are currently living your purpose and you view that as play, do more of it!!!

Just remember that just because you’re older doesn’t mean life can’t still be fun!!!