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What I Learned From Hercules…well…








What I Learned From Hercules (well, the actor who played him)…aka. Kevin Sorbo?

During our last interview Kevin said the following in relation to a question about how to take your career, and life, to the next level:

“A lot of the time the things that are holding you back are the people you keep company with. Get away from the people that are negative. Surround yourself with people who are positive, who are like-minded, who encourage you, that push you…”

Kevin went on to explain the impact this had on his life and how it ultimately led to him landing the Hercules role.

Like Kevin, once I too started getting away from some of the negative people in my life, things began to change almost immediately.

The question becomes: Have you done an inventory on the people you spend the most time with and if you don’t like the results, are you willing to make some tough adjustments?

Until then, here’s to your greater success 🙂

What I learned from John David Mann










During my interview with Go-Giving Leader and Bob Burg’s Go-Giving Co-Author, John David Mann, he shared this great answer when I asked how he defined success.

“Everyday getting up and being in love with what the day holds – to me, that’s success.” John David Mann

John’s answer was such a great reminder about the importance of re-evaluating regularly that one is doing what they were called to do, and what they truly love.

The key question at this point is, are you doing what you were called to do, and what you truly love, and are you saying no regularly to the things that would otherwise interfere with you doing what you were called to do more often?

Until next time, here’s to your greater success,


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Super Gluper Duper…

Super Duper Glooper Guy








I had to catch a cab at 4am after a couple of speaking engagements the previous day.

The gentleman in the photo here greeted me outside my hotel.

I had arranged the cab the night before and he was already waiting at 4am. When I asked how he was he responded, Super Gluper Duper.

I was taken back by his positive energy that early in the morning.

He followed with, “do you know what the Gluper is my friend?” I said that I didn’t. He said it is the Glue that keeps the Super and the Duper together.

The point = You get to decide how you will show up each day.

The question = How are you going to show up today?


Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

Living On Purpose Steps







…Why should you have a mission statement? Almost every successful company (ones you have worked for perhaps) has a clearly defined mission statement, and I would argue it’s even more important for each of us to have a personal mission statement.

This holds true even more so for those of us who are self-employed.

Let’s begin!

This exercise is really simple, albeit profound and very powerful.

All you need to do is fill out the following statement:

My name is ______________, my passion is ______________ and, therefore, my

purpose is ________________.

To make it easier, I’ll give you an example.

My name is Corey Poirier; my passion is speaking to audiences about passion, purpose, legacy and customer service; and my purpose is to inspire, motivate, donate, entertain and educate.

Once I figured this out, my personal (written) mission statement became, “…to be the guy who inspires, motivates, donates, entertains and educates.”… 

If you can figure out and fill out this passion + personal mission statement accurately, you’ll spend more time working toward and on your purpose, and the profits, productivity, fulfillment and other benefits will soon follow.