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What I Learned From Heather Moyse



What I learned from two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Moyse during one of our interviews?

One of the key things that Heather said that stuck with me is if you show and give it your absolute all, you won’t have regrets later.

You won’t wonder, if I had just showed up for that practice or stayed that extra hour, would the results have been different.

How will you use this insight today?

For me, I’m going to go all-in each minute today and leaving nothing on the table (that includes being fully present when I meditate later, and being fully present with loved-ones – not just business).

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What I Learned From T. Harv Eker










What I learned from T. Harv Eker during our interview?

One of the key things that Harv said that stuck with me is that you need to be solving problems rather than looking for opportunity.

From my perspective, the question becomes:

Are you looking to add value or are you looking to find business?

Are you helping people solve what is keeping them up at night or are hoping to increase your cash flow while decreasing yours?

When you solve someone’s problem, you immediately become more valuable to them.

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What I learned from John David Mann










During my interview with Go-Giving Leader and Bob Burg’s Go-Giving Co-Author, John David Mann, he shared this great answer when I asked how he defined success.

“Everyday getting up and being in love with what the day holds – to me, that’s success.” John David Mann

John’s answer was such a great reminder about the importance of re-evaluating regularly that one is doing what they were called to do, and what they truly love.

The key question at this point is, are you doing what you were called to do, and what you truly love, and are you saying no regularly to the things that would otherwise interfere with you doing what you were called to do more often?

Until next time, here’s to your greater success,


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What I Learned From Mark Victor Hansen








I recently got to spend some time with Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Creator, Mark Victor Hansen.

During our time, I asked Mark one habit a person can act on to take their career to the next level.

Mark’s response, “I would ask everyone to read self-help action books, and biographies and autobiographies of people who overcame the odds.”

I didn’t read my first book until I was 27 years of age, and since that time I have learned that each minute I have invested (in time) into feeding my mind has been returned itself many, many times over.

The question though is, how does one decide what to read, watch or listen to first?

I asked that same question to bestselling author Susan Manion MacDonald years back, after she was able to expand her mind enough in two months to put her cancer into complete remission (with just those two months left to live).

Her reply was essentially, “What I did was asked the people who I knew were reading, (watching or listening) the right things, what I should feed my mind first. When the same answer came back multiple times, that’s what I read (watched or listened to) first.”

Having this answer, I’d love to ask – what will you read, watch or listen to next? Perhaps it’s time to see which books, TED Talks or Shows have impacted the most lives, and dive in.

Until then, here’s to your success, Corey

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