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This past weekend I was interviewed on the Big Blend Radio Show and we discussed the fact that most people are terrified of speaking because it comes with an unknown.

I mentioned that if you knew you couldn’t fail, knew the audience would love you, knew you would have a positive impact on your audience; you would most likely take that stage every time with more confidence (or take the stage in the first place).

It’s the fear of the unknown (the what if) that is holding most people back.

Here’s a strategy for battling this fear.

List the possible “what if’s”, and have a back-up plan.

i.e. possible outcomes:

1. You could end up sweating in front of your audience, and your clothing could reveal that.

Back-up Plan: wear dark colors so it doesn’t show.

2. You could have a sound hiccup or audio visual hiccup.

Back-up Plan: have back-up sound (i.e. back-up mics) and back-up copies of your presentation ready

3. You could look like you don’t know what you’re talking about

Back-up Plan: practice, practice and practice some more. Practice in front of someone who will be supportive and give honest feedback.

4. You are terrified of getting onto that stage in the first place.

Back-up Plan: start with baby-steps (like I discuss in my TEDx Talk at the following link = Attend Toastmaster or Rotary meetings (or similar presentation meetings), watch others tackle their fear of speaking and eventually, you’ll feel comfortable speaking in front of the smaller group yourself. Over time, you’ll gain comfort by speaking in front of supportive people and this will give you the confidence to eventually take the big stage.

Until then, here’s to your greater success.

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Super Gluper Duper…

Super Duper Glooper Guy








I had to catch a cab at 4am after a couple of speaking engagements the previous day.

The gentleman in the photo here greeted me outside my hotel.

I had arranged the cab the night before and he was already waiting at 4am. When I asked how he was he responded, Super Gluper Duper.

I was taken back by his positive energy that early in the morning.

He followed with, “do you know what the Gluper is my friend?” I said that I didn’t. He said it is the Glue that keeps the Super and the Duper together.

The point = You get to decide how you will show up each day.

The question = How are you going to show up today?


Conversations With PASSION meets Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen











TedRubin photo- primary







Enjoy the latest episode of Conversations With PASSION! featuring a passionate conversation with Chicken Soup Co-Creator Mark Victor Hansen (Photo – top), Social Media Influencer Ted Rubin (photo – just above), Golf and Fundraising specialist Blaise Curry and two time Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Moyse.