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Always do this, Never do that – Post # 6



Spend some time in nature!


Ignore the healing and revitalizing power of nature!

Yours in success,

Corey Poirier

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Corey Yoga

I started practicing Yoga in 1998 in Edmonton Alberta (Yoga Class, population: 50+females & me circa 1998)  to help with a balance problem I was having.

What I received in return was better peace of mind, improved posture, increased strength, improved balance and so much more.

What I’ve since learned is that Yoga is the true equality advocate. Yoga doesn’t care about your background, your age, your income, who your friends or family are, if you’ve been naughty or nice (cue holiday music), it offers the same benefits to all who choose to practice equally.

The question is, are you willing to release any preconceived notions (if applicable) you may have about this thousands of year old practice to reap such benefits in a world where we need relaxation and “me time” more than ever before?

Until next time,

Chow for Now,

Corey Poirier