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Super Gluper Duper…

Super Duper Glooper Guy








I had to catch a cab at 4am after a couple of speaking engagements the previous day.

The gentleman in the photo here greeted me outside my hotel.

I had arranged the cab the night before and he was already waiting at 4am. When I asked how he was he responded, Super Gluper Duper.

I was taken back by his positive energy that early in the morning.

He followed with, “do you know what the Gluper is my friend?” I said that I didn’t. He said it is the Glue that keeps the Super and the Duper together.

The point = You get to decide how you will show up each day.

The question = How are you going to show up today?


Always Do This, Never Do That – Post # 2

Corey Poirier Sweat Lodge


Surround yourself regularly with people who add value to your life!


Never (well, at least minimize the amount of time you do) surround yourself with people who take away value!



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