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Want To Be Happier? Do This Thing Everyday…

Corey and Tom Ziglar









The photo above is of me and Tom Ziglar. Tom’s father Zig is pictured right above us on the screen.

Zig Ziglar was the first introduction I had to the world of Motivational Speakers, long before I ever decided to enter the field myself.

How it happened is I found myself working for a Fortune 500 Company and our only sales training was a Zig Ziglar VHS Tape. At the time, I was dumbfounded that a global company wouldn’t have a formalized training program, and I’m sure it failed many at the time, but that Zig Ziglar VHS probably played a bigger part in launching my speaking career (and that video has probably impacted millions of others as well) than any other speaking industry introduction in the years since.

Which brings us to the title of: Want to be happier? Do this everyday.

It has been proven that the most effective way to have happier employees is found in providing them with learning opportunities. If you want to be happier personally each day, this also means you should open yourself up to learning (and growth) opportunities each day.

This could mean listening to an inspirational audio CD, reading a self-help book, watching a TED Talk, or attending a motivational speaker’s event each day (even if you just watch that 18 minute TED Talk, that alone could take things to whole new level).

If you take this one action each day, it has been proven that you’ll be happier than if you don’t invest (time or money or both) in your own personal growth.

Oh, and can just one CD, book, TED Talk or Motivational Speaker really impact your life to that degree?

Well, that Zig Ziglar tape that I watched (just once) still stands the test of time as a game-changer for me and that took place over 20 years ago.

…and Consider this, my girlfriend and I were out walking Sprocket “the semi-retired” Rocket on Father’s Day and we ran into Jim, a man in his 70’s who recently lost his wife. He shared with us that one speaker in the 1960’s that he saw while working at General Motors still impacts him today; even as someone who wasn’t and hasn’t been that big on motivational speaker’s in the first place.

So, if just one moment like this can impact you (and make you happier) to that degree, just imagine what the compound effect of diving in daily can do for your happiness level. Perhaps it’s time to dive in?

…oh, and if you want to become that motivational speaker (like Zig Ziglar) that can have that level of impact on another person’s life, you can sign-up at and learn just how you can take the stage and have an impact while making a living doing something that can possibly change the world, or at least one person’s world.

Until next time, here’s to your greater success,



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